Cyber Security in a Digital World with Jennifer Raiford

What is a chief security officer? How can you ensure compliance within your company? Jennifer Raiford, global chief information, security, and compliance officer, is here to answer all these cyber security questions and more.

Jennifer Raiford has been protecting enterprises for over 25 years. Today Raiford specializes in building Chief Security and Privacy Offices for Global companies as well as Client Information Security and Privacy Offices for Global Security Firms through Process Architecture and Operational Excellence. She has a 100 percent success rate in passing audits, getting companies certified, and maintaining certifications. Currently, Raiford provides Chief Security, Privacy, Governance, Compliance, Risk Advisory, Consulting, Process Engineering, and Cyber writing Services. Through these experiences, Raiford developed a Cybersecurity Leadership framework and methodology that allows her to customize and tailor services to each client.

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