Landing Internships with Natazia Quiñones

In this episode of Business Edge, special guest Natazia Quiñones speaks about staying involved with Alpha Kappa Psi after graduation. She speaks to her experience of seeking internships while she was still a student, and how she ended up landing an excellent opportunity with Amazon! She also shares tips for students who are currently looking for internship opportunities.

Natazia is an alum of the Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi at the University of Florida, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Management, Bachelor of Science in General Psychology, and Master of International Business. After an internship with Amazon in the summer of 2020, Natazia became a full-time Area Manager for the company. She combines her knowledge of management and psychology to ensure an efficient and engaging workplace environment, and applies her international business studies expertise to gain a better understanding of today’s global economy and help Amazon thrive.

Natazia’s opinions are not on behalf of Amazon.

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