Out on the Farm with Emily Stewart

Join us for a fun trip out to the farm with Emily Stewart! Emily, creator of Dirt Darlin’, joins the podcast to tell us how the time on her family’s farm in Bargersville, Indiana, gave her the skills and values she needed to build a multi-faceted company. Dirt Darlin’ includes a homegrown market, boutique, and photography.

Hey there, I’m Emily Stewart! The Dirt Darlin’ brand has many faces but all boils down to our tag line “Grow Where You Are Planted.” The brand has grown over the years encompassing my photography business, to “The Pantry” that sells our yummy homegrown goodies, to the small town boutique to shop the styles of our local artist and stylist. I’m just a farm girl who can’t sit still and believes in my community! When I’m not photographing your wedding or crafting new recipes for salsa and jam, I love chilling with my corgies Rhett and Stella, hunting and riding razors with my boyfriend Brandon, Jeeping with my family, and jamming out to ANY music or podcasts.

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