Tapping Into Your Network with Hernan Mayol

In this episode of Business Edge, special guest Hernan Mayol discusses his career path in banking and his transition to the US Small Business Administration. He discusses why networking is so important, and how it has helped him throughout his career. He also speaks to the challenges he faced in the banking world and how he overcame them.

Hernan Mayol is an experienced Global Executive and Entrepreneur with over 25-years in Global Trade Finance & International Banking. He worked for Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other firms including having his own boutique Consulting firm. He is currently the Export Finance Manager for the US Small Business Administration. He is also a Community Leader, serving as a Volunteer leading in industry organizations, including the past 10-years in the Atlantic Gulf Coast Region for Alpha Kappa Psi. Hernan graduated from the University of Miami where he got initiated into the Beta Pi Chapter in 1991 which he eventually Presided over.

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