What is Catalyst?

A student membership organization focused on the principles and practices of ethical business leaders.


The membership experience for Catalyst is designed for a traditional 4-year college setting.

Catalyst is a membership organization of the Commonwealth Leadership® Alliance (CLA) – a community of like-minded organizations and people who value ethical leadership concepts and the practices of Servant Leadership.

Commonwealth Leadership® offers a series of ethical leadership skills certificates via the Business Edge Certificate Program.

Organizational Characteristics


Teamwork – We believe working together enables us to achieve more than what can be achieved by an individual

Care – We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect

Curiosity – We believe excellence is attained through diligence and continuous learning

Trust – We believe trust is the foundation of all relationships




The Program

The Business Edge Certificate Program establishes a unique value by using the Business Edge Leadership methodology: Clarify, Analyze, Act.

Clarity: Clarify the situation by discovering opportunities and outlining the problem

Analyze: Analyze the situation by gathering and analyzing relevant information and data

Act: Act by making decisions and modeling outcomes and contingencies

For students in Catalyst, the Business Edge Certificate Program uses the “Clarify, Analyze, Act” methodology to as the foundation to the courses within each of the professional pathways.

Professional Pathways

Know Yourself – Clarify personal values and alignment with actions; identify leadership style and tendencies.

Build Your Team – Build meaningful personal and professional relationships; Consider how personal leadership style and tendencies fit within a team.

Find Your Path – Explore those activities and actions in which you are interested and do well. Grow in understanding how your interests and skills can guide your career decisions mapping.

Practice Your Skills – Servant Leadership is a practice. Learn how the CAA methodology can be applied to any personal or professional opportunity or issue. Apply the use of Commonwealth Leadership’s “Core SixTM” skills, which have been identified as critical for thriving personally and professionally.