Anything is Better than Silence with Basha Coleman

As protests continue all over the world, AKPsi alumna Basha Coleman chats with Desiree and Chrissy about the Black experience and workplace discrimination. Basha gives listeners advice on how to enact change in the office and at home, especially for the younger generation who will become our next leaders.

Basha is a creative problem solver in the technology industry. With a keen eye for visual design and storytelling, she bridges her creative expertise with innovative tech solutions. Basha joined Alpha Kappa Psi in 2014 and was initiated into the Zeta Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennessee. She also serves as an advisor for the AKPsi colony at Brown University. In her career, Basha works behind the scenes at Givelify, the maker of the highest-rated mobile and online donation app, as a Search Engine Optimization Strategist. Her role ensures that generous people everywhere can find the simplest and easiest way to do good in the world every time they search for causes they care about. Outside of work, she joins a cohort of distinguished communication practitioners at Purdue University where she earns her master’s degree in communication. When she’s not working or studying, Basha owns and operates The Almenni Company, a design and content agency to help local Indianapolis businesses, especially black-owned businesses, build profitable brands and bring value to the communities they serve.

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