The Birkman Method can help people with different communication and work styles gain more self-awareness and a greater appreciation for others' differences.

Become More Self-Aware and a Stronger Team Player with the Birkman Method Assessment

Every organization is composed of unique people with different personalities and perspectives. The ultimate goal is to create an inclusive environment for people to better understand each other and merge what makes them special to create a stronger, more cohesive team. 

Think of the Avengers — each superhero comes to the table with different powers and ways they like to work. They each have their own weaknesses and blind spots too. But when they all come together with a common goal, it’s their differences that make them stronger. 

The Birkman Method can help people with different communication and work styles gain more self-awareness and a greater appreciation for others’ differences. With this shared understanding, teams become more resilient, better equipped to resolve conflict, and more likely to succeed. 

Even Thanos can’t stop that kind of teamwork.

What is the Birkman Method?

The Birkman Method was developed by American organizational psychologist Dr. Roger W. Birkman, who wanted to develop a way to measure self-concepts, social expectations, stress behaviors, and occupational interests that could help people at work and in everyday life. 

After a few iterations and evolutions of his work in the 50s and 60s, The Birkman Method® was born. In the years since, the assessment has been completed by millions of people across the world and is used by companies and professional organizations to help teams work together and perform better.

The Birkman Method measures the human characteristics that influence our behaviors, motivations, and perceptions. It helps us understand why we as individuals behave in certain ways and can also help us understand the behaviors and motivations of others. 

Learn more about the 4 key facets of your personality

According to the Birkman Method, four key perspectives influence the emotions and actions that drive our behavior and shape our personalities. They are:

  • Motivation
  • Self-perception
  • Social perception
  • Mindset

Motivation / Interests

Motivation is a critical factor in workplace engagement and finding a fulfilling career path. Your interests are the activities you gravitate toward most and what motivates you in your work and personal life. 

Self-Perception / Usual behavior

How we see ourselves drives how we show up in the world around us. Our past experiences influence our specific behaviors and how we approach tasks, manage relationships, and contribute to our communities.

Social Perception / Needs

The way a person feels about and contextualizes different situations is their social perception. Understanding these internal feelings allows you to better anticipate your reaction to new or changing conditions. It also sheds light on what you need from others and your environment to be satisfied and engaged.

Mindset / Stress behavior

Your individual belief system concerning yourself and others is your mindset. The Birkman assessment allows you to see new ways of thinking and confront the pros and cons of your perspectives and behavior patterns. 

Gain a better understanding of yourself and your team 

Whether at work, playing sports, or getting paired up on a class project, being part of a team pretty much always comes with some interpersonal challenges. 

Everyone has their own unique personality and set of motivations that influence how they behave and interact with others. Sometimes, differing styles can create unwanted friction. But if those differences are better understood and embraced, you can reduce conflict and build a stronger, more successful team.

The Birkman Method Assessment is a great place to start your journey to a deeper understanding of yourself and those you work with.

Birkman is now available to AKPsi collegiate members 

Want to learn more about yourself and your motivations? 

Alpha Kappa Psi wants to help all of our members grow personally and professionally. In the service of this mission, the Birkman Assessment has been made available at no cost to all collegiate members by the AKPsi Foundation and the Fraternity’s Brotherhood Unbounded program. 

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