Entrepreneurship: HG Insights with Tracy York

Join Desiree and Chrissy today to hear from Tracy York, co-founder and vice president of customer success for HG Insights, a company providing data-driven sales and marketing strategies. And this isn’t Tracy’s first jump into the startup world – his previous venture, NOZA, was acquired by Blackbaud in 2010. If you’re interested in following these footsteps, listen in for the best tips and tricks to get your idea off the ground.

Tracy York is a co-founder and vice president of customer success for HG Insights. HG Insights focuses on providing data driven insights to optimize sales and marketing strategies at some of the world’s leading technology companies. HG Insights has grown to over 100 employees since its founding in 2010 and has been through several funding rounds, most recently receiving a significant investment from private equity firm Riverwood Capital. Over his career, Tracy has held roles across disciplines ranging from engineering to product to customer success. Prior to founding HG Insights, Tracy worked for another startup NOZA building the world’s largest database of charitable donations. NOZA was acquired by Blackbaud in 2010 prior to the founding of HG Insights. Tracy is a former AKPsi chapter president from the Cal Poly chapter in San Luis Obispo, CA, where he studied computer engineering and minored in business. 

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