Finding Your Path with Ashley Artrip

What exactly is the future of work, and how can people and organizations adapt to changes in work culture exacerbated by the pandemic? In this episode, Ashley Artrip, Co-Founder and President of Mission Collaborative, explores these answers. Listen to her dive into the concept of “career portfolios,” and how they differ from the traditional “career paths” that we have been socialized to accept. Furthermore, she shares insights on how young professionals can discover their values and path by understanding their own definition of success.

As the Co-Founder and President of Mission Collaborative, Ashley is on a mission to help others design successful careers that are engaging and fulfilling. Before Mission Collaborative, she worked at Gallup, where she focused on researching employee engagement and what contributes to a successful career. While at Gallup, she became a certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach, enabling her to help others identify their strengths and harness them to design careers they love. After Gallup, she worked at SV Academy (Fast Company’s #2 most innovative Ed-Tech Start-Up 2020) where she helped first-generation college students and underrepresented minorities break into high-paying tech careers in Silicon Valley. 

Ashley’s vision for the future of work is to ensure that every professional has access to the information, resources, and community needed to navigate the many career changes throughout their lives successfully. With so many antiquated rules of the workforce being rewritten, there has never been a better time to change the way people think about how they approach their careers.

Ashley is currently writing a book that will serve as a “Hitchhikers Guide” to Career Design in the 21st Century. The expected publication is Fall 2022.

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