Good Karma with Richard McVay

In this episode of the Business Edge podcast, special guest Richard McVay discusses his career path and how he started Dart’em Up, his small family business. He discusses his values of giving back to the community and explains exactly how he does this as a business owner. He also explains how helping others can come back around to help you in your own times of need!

Richard McVay began his professional career in the Retail Industry working for companies such as The Gap, 50 OFF Stores Inc, and Family Dollar stores. In his various roles, he was responsible for managing teams, sales, and new store development. During his tenure in the Retail Industry he helped build out over 200 new store locations for these companies throughout Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. 

From 1994 to 2015, Richard ventured into the Telecommunications Industry with companies including U.S Cellular, Alamosa PCS/Sprint, Clearwire, and Cricket Wireless. His experience in the Telecommunications industry includes retail store and outside sales management and development, Dealer Distribution Channel management, and product marketing. He helped build out 50 retail stores and implemented 500 dealer retail stores during his time in Telecommunications.

In 2016, Richard founded Dart’em Up where he is the Chief Fun Officer. Dart’em Up is a unique Family Entertainment Center. Dart’em Up is an indoor Foam Dart Sports Arena—a fun and exciting place to play Nerf games with family and friends.

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