We’re Better Together with Cynthia Todd

“And whatever you do, be your individual best.”
Take a joyful and refreshing glance into the corporate workforce on today’s episode with Cynthia Todd. After experiencing loss at a young age, Cynthia pushed forward to bring positivity and passion to every aspect of her life. Cynthia advocates for the importance of teamwork and caring for each individual in order to achieve your common goal.

Cynthia Todd graduated from Calera High School as a Valedictorian scholar. In 1988, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in business management from the University of Montevallo. Cynthia further matriculated at Birmingham-Southern College where she received a master’s degree in public and private management. Cynthia is a proven business management professional with over 30 years of experience and a track record of consistent promotions and increasing responsibilities in the areas of customer service, claims and benefit administration, performance management, business analysis, process improvement, project management, and training and development. Currently, Cynthia is employed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama as an operations manager. Moreover, Cynthia gives back to the community. She serves on several boards and organizations such as: president of the University of Montevallo National Alumni Association and Board of Directors for The Literacy Council of Central Alabama. She is a graduate of Project Corporate Leadership and has served as a Loaned Executive for the United Way of Central Alabama where she received the Crawford T. Johnson Loaned Executive of the Year Award.   

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